How To Clean And Condition Auto Leather Seats Like A Pro!

How To Clean And Condition Auto Leather Seats Like A Pro!

Posted by Lane's Car Products on 18th Feb 2016

Cleaning and conditioning auto leather seats is a must if you want to keep your leather's integrity. Over time, the oils from your skin along with dirt and grime will discolor the leather making for a dull, dirty appearance. In time, your leather seats will start to crack if you do not use a professional auto leather conditioner to keep them supple.

There are five simple steps that you can follow to keep your leather seats looking, feeling and smelling like new leather. Listed individually below or available in an auto leather care kit.

Auto leather cleaner- A good auto leather cleaner will clean the grime and dirt leaving behind a clean leather finish. 

Step 1 The first step in using auto leather cleaner is to isolate your leather seat into sections. This will allow you to focus your cleaning needs on each area until the entire seat has been cleaned. Designate your first section, then spray the leather cleaner on that section.

Step 2  Use a soft leather cleaning brush or a interior detail sponge to lightly brake up the soiled section. You will see the soiled dirt and grime loosen.

Step 3 Use a micro fiber towel and wipe over the lightly scrubbed area. The towel will pick up the soiled dirt and leave behind a nice clean leather finish.

Auto leather conditioner- A good auto leather conditioner will not leave behind a high shine. This product is designed to keep your leather soft and prevent cracking. A bonus is Lane's auto leather conditioner smells like leather.

Step 4 Once your leather has been cleaned, your next step is leather conditioner. Apply by squirting the leather conditioner on the desired area to be conditioned. Massage into leather with a clean soft sponge or towel.

Auto leather scent- Auto leather scent for your car comes in two forms. Either water base or oil base. Both forms work and is dependent on one's sense of smell. The oil based leather scent is more potent and keeps that leather smell longer.

Step 5 Spray a couple of squirts of leather scent under the driver and passenger seats. You can always add more squirts depending on the potency you want to achieve.

With these above five steps, you will keep your auto leather looking great.