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Have a new car or just want to protect your seats? Seat Armour provides superior quality Car Seat Cover Towels to keep your car upholstery looking brand new and free from damaging elements. Seat Armour is available branded with your favorite logos, from College Football Teams, NBA, Automotive Brands & The Armed Forces, you can choose from a wide range of your favorite logos to accessorize your car seat.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! If you aren't delighted with your purchase, return it within 30 days of the purchase date and we will refund your money.

Why Seat Armour Car Seat Cover?

Welcome and congratulations on choosing Seat Armour – the preferred Car Seat Cover that serves as the No.1 multi-functionality tool in assisting you and your busy lifestyle.

  • Seat Armour Car Seat Cover is quickly becoming the essential automotive accessory that not only protects your car upholstery from damaging elements but also doubles as the ultimate car seat towel that can be used everywhere you go.
  • This 100% cotton terry/velour sear auto seat cover will fit over any car headrest and fit comfortably over the car seat, protecting your car seat upholstery from stains, dust and perspiration, helping you keep your car seats looking like brand-new.

Seat Armour Car Seat Covers are specially designed keeping your cars safety features in mind. The automotive industry has seen fit to produce cars with various airbag deployment points. At Seat Armour we ensure that our product does not hinder or compromise your safety at the slightest. With no cumbersome pullovers or straps, Seat Armour™ Car Seat Covers just slips over the headrest and grips tight at the base. In the unfortunate event of an airbag deployment, Seat Armour™ Car Seat Cover will flex and move away, never constricting deployment.

Product Description

US & International Patent # 7,472,953

  • Live hard! Play hard! And don't mess up your car seats!
  • Protects seats against stains, odor, perspiration, spills, odor, pet dander, scratches, and other substances.
  • Easily slides down over headrest to form fit seat.
  • Made of 100% cotton terry/velour that is soft to touch; machine washable.
  • Available in several colors and logos of your choice.
  • Multi-functional:
    • For working out at the gym; going to the beach, park, or stadium;
    • For pet owners; 
    • Protects against baby and child spills;
    • For drivers and passenger's who eat on the go;
    • Protect you wherever you go!
    • Shows off your loyalty and personality!

Our patented Seat Armour Car Seat Towel is a must have when it comes to automotive and personal accessories! ALL TOWELS WILL BE SHIPPED VIA USPS PRIORITY MAIL.