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Lane's has assembled professional, custom interior car care kits that are cost effective and provide professional results.

Is your auto leather cracking? Lane's car leather care is the answer. Now you can give your leather seats a nice clean plush supple feel and look with Lane's auto leather cleaner and car leather conditioner or better yet have all your leather care products in one kit with Lane's car leather cleaning kit.

Do you have stains in your carpet and upholstery? Auto carpet care and upholstery cleaners for cars keep your interior looking new by removing unwanted stains, dirt and soil. You can also protect your carpet and keep it looking fresh and new with our automotive carpet film.

Do you have a hard time cleaning and restoring shine to your plastic and vinyl? Lane's vinyl cleaner is formulated to clean and keep your vinyl looking new. Do not stop there make sure to use a professional vinyl conditioner to restore the shine and keep your vinyl from cracking. Clean and restore shine to your windows as well with our car glass cleaners!

Now that you have your car's interior looking new, be sure to keep that new car smell with one of Lane's car air fresheners.

When it comes to interior car cleaning and detailing, prioritize prevention. Car cleaners and car fanatics need access to professional, interior auto detailing brushes, products, kits, and car detailing tools. Our cleaning kits keep cars looking new. Being equipped with the right tools makes cleaning, protecting, detailing, and dressing your interior a breeze.

Lane's professional car detailing experts offer the exclusive range of professional interior car cleaning and detailing products online since 2001. The website offers safe, customer-friendly, and secure online ordering. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Have questions about any of our cleaning products and kits? Need technical assistance with our website? Call us at 1-866-798-9011 to speak to a knowledgeable customer service representative. We will help you find the right detailing product for your vehicle. Protect and enhance your vehicle with any of our high quality kits. You'll notice a real difference.