Car Wax - The Experts know! We don't just sell car wax. We use all of our automotive waxes on high-end auto and truck details through our parent company, Fast Lane Mobile Detail, LLC. Our customers demand the best wax on the market today, and we delight them every day by using Lane's Professional products. Apply our Gold Edition Best Premium Car Wax and our Super Seal Paint Sealant sealer wax to make your vehicle shine. Both of these together will amaze even the most critical car fanatics. Once you try Lane's waxes you will experience the difference between a professional grade product and other brands sold at the retail store level.

Our Cherry Wet Wax and Carnauba Wax are some of the best protections you can buy for your car's exterior, so make sure you maintain your car with nothing but the best car wax products. All Lane's wax products are professional quality, and we sell them at low prices, making car maintenance affordable and easy. These professional grade car products are an affordable way to get the best finish on your vehicle and protect its surface from the elements year-round.

We have a number of different types of car wax products, from Auto Detail Spray and Swirl Mark Remover to paint glaze and sealant. Our large selection means you'll find all of the exterior car wax products you need right here at one website.

Car waxing is an important step in proper car care maintenance. However, if you have paint imperfections, we recommend using a car polish to remove and/or minimize imperfections before applying Lane's professional waxes.

Use car polish to renew and restore your car's paint by removing moderate to light surface imperfections. Car Polish (Surface Oxidation Remover) removes tree sap, minor scuff marks and scratches, swirl marks, oxidized finishes and other hazing.

Give your car the wet look, a clean and shiny surface after using Auto Polish. The effects are particularly on cars with dark paint, which tends to show more scratches and hazing.

  • We recommend cleaning your car using water and Car Wash Soap to remove surface dirt and grime before using Car Polish on your vehicle.

  • Enhance and protect your new, gleaming shine for a long time by sealing it with Car Wax.

If you have heavy damage to your paint or clear coat layer, we recommend using Lane's Auto Rubbing Compound. Whether your paint is new, or you’re are just looking to restore luster to your old baby, rubbing compound can ease your problems. Using the right compound is essential on clear coat finishes. Lane's polishing compound is a synthetic cutting compound that safely brightens and cleans without the abrasives that could damage your clear coat layer. Using a buffing compound will reduce those annoying minor scratches otherwise left untouched can lead to the formation of rust.

Give Your Vehicle a High-Sheen Finish with Our Show Car Polish

Lane's Professional Car Products provides beginners and professionals with the supplies they need to make every automobile look its best. Our quality polish is just one example of our company's dedication to providing high-performance products that deliver exceptional results.

Every one of our products, goes through rigorous testing to ensure that our clients receive only the best from us. Our team members have extensive knowledge in the field of detailing, and they apply their knowledge to make sure our products meet or exceed industry expectations. By creating such high standards, we seek to ensure our customers' complete satisfaction.

Protect and enhance your vehicle's surface with any of our high-quality waxes and polishes with affordable prices and you'll notice a real difference.