Ed Hardy

Are you looking to standout in a crowd, to be noticed, then Ed Hardy accessories are a must. Lane's has keychains, lanyards, car scents and a CD holder to keep you and your vehicle standing out from the others.

Ed Hardy was born in 1945 in Corona del Mar, Newport Beach, California. Ed Hardy attended the San Francisco Art Institute and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in printmaking. He was a student of Sailor Jerry Collins and, through his association, was able to study tattooing in Japan in 1973 with the Japanese classical tattoo master Horihide.

Ed Hardy became recognized for incorporating Japanese tattoo aesthetic and technique into his American style work.

Today, Ed Hardy is retired from tattooing. He oversees and mentors the artists at his San Francisco studio, Tattoo City. Since the 1960s, he has concentrated heavily on non-tattoo based art forms, especially printmaking, drawing, and painting

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