When it comes to wheel and tire care cleaning protecting and maintaining them is important to the longevity and appearance of your ride. Auto detailing plays a big part in making sure both are including and stand out when the job is done.

Tire care is made up of cleaning your tires, protecting them and maintaining a schedule to make sure these steps are performed on a regular basis. When it comes to cleaning a tire most people think spraying a tire shine or protectant on the tire is enough. This could not be further from the truth. You must clean the tire first and depending on how dirty the tire is will dictate the product to use. For instance, a dirty tire might need a tire cleaner, which is concentrated with bleach to cut through the dirt and grime. This will save you time letting the product work for you. This will properly clean the tire and enhance the longevity for your tire shine protectant.

Wheel care starts with knowing what type of wheels you have. Depending on the wheel type will determine the proper wheel cleaner to use. Always make sure your wheels have had time to cool down before you start the cleaning process. Using professional products from reputable companies is a must especially if the company has any detailing experience, as they should be experts in the auto detailing arena. Just like your tires once your wheels are cleaned properly, using a wheel polish will enhance the shine and provide extra protection from the harsh weather. A good wheel polish will also minimize imperfections allowing your wheels to stand out.

Caring for your tires and wheels on a consistent basis will increase the appearance, longevity and overall appearance. This will result in better resale for your car. View Lane’s tire and wheel products as we have everything you need to keep them looking new.