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Super Blue Tire Gloss Shine, Tire Cleaner & Applicators Kit K-1020

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Black & White Tire Cleaner is a heavy-duty bleach tire cleaner that attacks dirt and grime that has developed on the tire. This powerful tire cleaner cleans tires, white lettering and whitewall tires easily. There is no match for Black & White Tire Cleaner, it's that strong. To protect your tires, Lane recommends cleaning your tires thoroughly with Black and White Tire Cleaner and then use our most popular Super Blue Tire Gloss to prevent tire cracking and discoloration.

Super Blue Tire Shine is a fast drying, high gloss, long lasting solvent-based tire shine.

This tire shine is easy to apply and will draw attention to your tires making your car look its best. Super Blue will outlast any other tire shine on the professional market.

Super Blue is a concentrated tire shine that will repel water and add that extra protection to your tires.

Use Tire Dresser Applicators to evenly apply tire protectants and dressings without drips or spills. These polyfoam sponge applicators feature slits on the side for easy grip, ensuring that you remain mess free as well.

Instructions for Lane’s Super Blue Tire Gloss Shine, Tire Cleaner and Tire Dresser Applicators Kit:

Use Lane’s Black & White Tire Cleaner to completely remove all dirt and grime from your tires. To view additional product information, visit the Tire Cleaner page.

Use Lane’s Super Blue Tire Shine to dress your tires after cleaning and drying. To view additional product information, visit the Super Blue page. Use the tire dressing applicators to spread the tire shine (if needed).


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