Achieve professional results with time, patience, and the right car detailing tools. Whether you have a big SUV, mid-size sedan or compact car it is all the same. We have what you need to detail your car’s interior and exterior.

What Tools Are Needed to Detail a Car?

Exterior Cleaning Tools

Our auto exterior cleaning tools allow you to get into often overlooked small areas like wheels, wheel wells, whitewalls, grills, etc. These places hold grease, dirt and grime build-up that is often hard to remove. Lane's offers different styles of exterior cleaning tools to make your job easier, while still gentle on your paint job. Having the right car brush is not enough. 

Make sure you have the right tools to make your car shine beyond a basic car wash, like:

  • microfiber towels
  • polishing pads for cars
  • car wash mitts
  • car wash sponges

Take your car’s appearance to the next level with our liquid car wax and tire cleaner.