Having a professional cleaner and dressing is essential when it comes to auto detailing.  However, the quality is what matters. When it comes to auto detailing, we are the experts. Fast Lane Detailing, our parent company has been providing auto detailing services since 2001.

Lane’s has assembled professional dressings to not only make your engine look new but make your tires stand out. Unlike other diluted products on the market our concentrated cleaners will get the job done right the first time.

We have concentrated auto detailing cleaners that are strong enough to cut through dirt, grime and grease making detailing your exterior a breeze. In fact, Lane’s cleaners are used by auto detailers and car dealerships nationwide. Whether you are cleaning your engine or want to remove bugs from your paint, Lane's has it all.

Once you use the cleaners, applying a dressing is important. This will give your surface the look and protection it needs. All our dressings are durable creating a lasting shine. Once you try our dressings will see the difference between Lane’s and other imitations.