Bug Away

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Bug Remover

Lane’s Bug Away is the professional car cleaner formulated to remove insect remains safely and effectively. This heavily concentrated solvent loosens insect remnants and eliminates the decomposing enzymes that destroy automotive paint and causes etching. Lane’s Bug Remover is safe for all finishes and achieves remarkable results for auto detailers and dealerships.

  • Available in 16 oz, 32 oz & 1 gallon
  • Heavily concentrated
  • Safe for all finishes ac
  • Removes insect remains & harmful enzymes
  • Prevents paint etching
  • Eliminates hard scrubbing
  • Trigger sprayer included with 16 oz & 32 oz

Bug Away Instructions:

Cars with Bugs

Has your car ever looked like this? Lane’s Bug Away is a great tool when removing bugs or bird droppings.


Spray Bug Away on Paint

Step 1 – Spray Lane’s Bug Away on the affected surface.


Allow Bug Remover Time to Work

You should let the product sit for 15-20 seconds.


Agitate Bug Remover

Step 2 – You might need to agitate the surface you have sprayed with a wash mitt, bug sponge, sure scrub sponge or bug and tar sponge.

Spray off Bugs

In most cases you will be able to spray the bugs or droppings off the vehicle without additional agitation.


Wash Car with Soap

Step 3 – Rinse the vehicle or wash as you normally would with Lane’s car wash soap.




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    Bug Away Cleaner

    Bug Away easily cleaned my front bumper and grill area. I sprayed it on and used a bug sponge, rinsed with water and the bugs were gone. Works much better than the Bug and Tar remover I bought at the auto store. I live in a rural area and while driving home at night I get tons of bugs on the front of my car. Hopefully this will help me keep the front of my car clean with minimal effort.

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    A motorcylist's dream come true

    Riding in the bug infested summers of Wisconsin really collects the spats of the Goldwing's windshield. Bug Away removes this mess effortlessly. Spray it on, let it work for a minute or two, and with a simple wipe there are no more bug splatters. I couldn't be more pleased with this product!

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    Wow! It really works!

    We own a oil lube and car wash business. We pre-treat the front of the cars before they come through the car wash. In 2-3 mins. it helps release the bugs and it makes our job so much easier. And happier customers too!