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          customer reviews

          I’ve tried may different products on my car’s black paint, including a few of the higher priced spreads. Lane’s cherry wet wax provides the best depth, clarity, and brilliance I’ve ever achieved.

          - Great Depth

          I used this product for the first time on my mom’s ’94 volvo (maroon) and I couldn’t believe the finish that it left. Prior to applying this product, I used lane’s car polish, which also worked fantastically. Great stuff!

          - What a shine!

          So useful for many cleaning jobs. Virtually lint free and stiff enough to hold their shape while being absorbent. I use them all the time for cleaning firearms, too.

          - Awesome product

          Two days after getting my new car my boyfriend spilled beer in passenger seat. I tried two other stain removers and they made it worse. I tried Lanes and it completely removed the stain. I am extremely happy

          - My new car

          You will not believe this product. Have 2009 Lincoln MKS with snow white leather interior. Wipe down the entire interior once every two weeks, takes about 20 minutes. It is immaculate! People do not believe we’ve had the car nine months!

          - Awesome Product

          Just wanted to say this is the best and quickest glass cleaner I’ve used to date. This also caught my wife’s eye and now she has me doing home glass too!

          - OMG!!

          Lane's ultimate interior package took care of cleaning my interior on my BMW. It looks and smells amazing. Will definitely buy again!

          - Great Interior Kit

          The LEMON SCENT is Great. Even better than the traditional new car scent. Nothing wrong with a new car but the smell of citrus is preferred by me.

          - Better than new


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