About Us

Since 2000 we have been providing our professional line of auto detailing services products to auto detailers and car fanatics. Fast Lane Detailing, our parent company, currently services over 40 auto dealerships and has grown to be the largest detailing company in the greater St. Louis area.

Our customers want the best and we exceed their expectations. When it comes to auto detailing, we are the experts. Our years of experience has allowed us to offer the highest quality car care products available on the market today.

Why chose Lane’s? Our products are professionally concentrated with guaranteed results. Whether you are washing, waxing or cleaning your wheel and tires, with Lane's you can achieve unmatched showroom look, guaranteed to outshine our competitors.

From interior to exterior car care, Lane’s is the brand that will turn amateurs into pros!

You will be delighted with our product quality, fast shipping and expert customer service.

We truly appreciate your business!

Lane Pietro