About Us

Lane's Professional Car Products are an outgrowth of our Parent Company, Fast Lane Mobile Wash & Detail, LLC one of the fastest growing mobile auto detailing services in the Midwest.

We realized early on that our customers were very discriminating, not only about final auto detail results, but also the products used to achieve those results. Because of these concerns, we have extensively tested, used and assembled the most professionally concentrated, highest quality products available in the car care market today.

Unlike other internet companies offering you the same car care products you can buy off the shelf at the retail store level, Lane's Car Care Products is geared toward the true car fanatic that wants professional results, while saving time detailing. The internet is full of individuals selling name brand products, marketing them up and taking advantage of the consumer. Here at Lane's, you will get concentrated car care products, guaranteed to out shine our competitors.

Our Super Seal Paint Sealant Car Wax was a top seller in 2010. Our Super Blue Tire Shine continues to be a popular favorite among our internet customers.

Our ever growing affiliation with car shows and car clubs, as well as an increased following of thousands of car fanatics nationwide, have made Lane's Professional Car Products the "Product Of Choice" for car enthusiasts, such as yourself!

You will be delighted with our product quality, fast shipping and expert customer service.

We guarantee it! After all we detail cars for a living

We truly appreciate your business!


Lane Pietro
President & CEO,
Fast Lane Mobile Wash & Detail



Below is a picture of the Lane's Car Products family next to Lane's NSX. From left to right Lane Pietro, Kim Pietro and their lovely daughter Alexis.

The Pietro Family

Find below Lane's Eagles Girl's Soccer Team. Go Lane's Eagles!!!

Lane's Eagles Girl's