Lane's Car Products | Bug Away - The Ultimate Insect Residue Remover

Posted by Lane's Car Products on 15th Sep 2023

Lane's Car Products | Bug Away - The Ultimate Insect Residue Remover

Bug Away

Bug Away eliminates bug and insect residue - Get rid of those pesky bugs and insects that damage your car's paint job! Just spray Bug Away directly on the affected surface, and it will work instantly upon application. Safe for all paint finishes, this product is designed to keep your car looking its best.

- Works Instantly Upon Application - No need to wait around for results! Simply spray Bug Away on the affected area, and it will remove dirt, grime, and bug residue quickly. It is also safe for all paint finishes, so you can use it with confidence.

- Safe for All Paint Finishes - We understand how important protecting your car's paint is. That's why we've formulated Bug Away to be safe for all types of automobile finishings. It won't scratch or damage your vehicle's finish as you clean up after bugs and insects. 

- Keep Your Car Looking Its Best - Don't let bug residue ruin your car's look! With Bug Away, you can get rid of caked on dirt and grime quickly with no hassle.

With the Bug Away you'll have a clean car in no time at all!

Bug Away quickly loosens bug residue from exterior auto paint, glass and trim, so there's no need for hard scrubbing. In addition, it protects your paint from scratches and long-term damage, so you can be sure that your car is in good condition all year round. Plus, it's easy to use - just spray it on the affected area, leave it for several minutes to allow its special formula to break down the bugs and their residue. Then just rinse away! It's much faster and more efficient than manual scrubbing with soap or other car care products.

Get rid of those critters with Bug Away today!

Now available in three convenient sizes, our 16 ounce bottle is perfect for small areas and backyards, our 32 ounce offers a great middle ground for larger living spaces, and we also have a gallon size that’s ideal for patios and decks. It’s free of toxins and chemicals, making it safe for humans and pets alike. Best of all: it features an affordable price tag between $11.50-$41.50 depending on size, so you can get rid of pests without breaking the bank. Get some today and feel the sense of relief knowing that your home or outdoor space is Bug Away protected!