How To Shine Your Paint & Wheels Using Lane's Detail Spray

How To Shine Your Paint & Wheels Using Lane's Detail Spray

Posted by Lane's Car Products on 15th Feb 2016

Prolonging the life of your paint is important. Make your paint pop in half the time compared to the application of traditional car waxing with Lane's Touch Up Shine. This is accomplished by using a professional grade auto detail spray or other individuals might know this product as spray wax.

Although a detail spray does not take the place of traditional car waxing, it will prolong the life of your paint and keep the car wax and/or paint sealant in tip top condition. A good detail spray is safe and easy to use and will provide an outstanding shine as it removes finger prints, dirt and grime in mere seconds. You will have the true car enthusiast wondering just how long it took to achieve that new car shine.

Having a bottle of this magical potion on hand will come in handy for the time in between washing and waxing your vehicle. Lane's Touch Up Shine will allow you to keep your paint, plastic, door jams, bumpers and wheels in like new condition with little effort.

The Steps:  How To Keep Your Paint And Wheels Shiny With Lane's Touch Up Shine

Step 1 Spray Touch Up Shine on desired are to be cleaned. 

Step 2 Using a plush microfiber towel wipe away detail spray, flip towel over and wipe off remaining product.

That's all folks. Now, you can use this technique to keep your cars paint, wheels and glass in tip top shape.