Detail Your Engine Like A Pro

Detail Your Engine Like A Pro

Posted by Lane's Car Products on 1st Jun 2016

Cleaning and detailing your engine like a pro is easy with the right engine detailing products. Whether you are selling or trading your car this step can put an extra 200 to 500 dollars in your pocket. Individuals looking to buy a car will look under the hood to see if the engine has cosmetically been maintained. Having a clean engine will give the buyer confidence that you took the time to keep up the most important part of your car. With a few easy steps you can have your engine looking as if it just rolled off the show room floor. 

Step 1 – Start with Lane’s Super Dyno Engine Cleaner/Degreaser. Apply a generous amount of Super Dyno to coat your entire engine. You will instantly see the grease and grime begin to dissolve.

Step 2 – Let the Super Dyno work its magic for 15-20 seconds which is all the time needed to break up grease, dirt and grime. If needed, you can agitate the dirtier areas with a parts cleaning brush or body brush.

Step 3 – Rinse the engine thoroughly to remove the engine cleaner and the, now loosened, dirt and grime. If you do not have a power washer, we recommend using Lane’s Fire Hose Nozzle.

Step 4 – Make sure the engine is dry so that new contaminants do now adhere to the engine you just finished cleaning. Pictured is the Air Force Master Blaster used in the Fast Lane Mobile Wash and Detail shop. If you do not have a blow dryer, you can either let your engine air try or wipe with a Microfiber Towel.

Now that your engine has been cleaned and dried, you are ready to apply Lane’s Engine Dressing.