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Engine Dressing Quick Shine

Engine Dressing
Engine DressingEngine DressingEngine Dressing
Engine DressingEngine Dressing
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  • Best Engine Dressing

  • Specially Formulated For The Engine Compartment

  • Will Make Your Engine Look New

  • Quick And Easy To Use

  • Used By Auto Detailers

  • Trigger Sprayer Included With 16oz And 32oz Sizes
  • Show Car Engine Look With Our Professional Detailing Engine Dressing

    Engine Dressing is a clear dressing, formulated for the engine compartment. This motor glaze is designed to cover the entire engine and give it the "new engine" look. Now, you can give your engine compartment a quick shine and whole new look. Achieve professional results with Engine Dressing.

    Directions: Clean engine compartment with Engine Degreaser or Engine Cleaner. Rinse and allow to dry. Spray light coat of Engine Dressing over entire engine area with trigger sprayer for that quick shine and new engine look.

    Instructions for dressing your clean engine:

    Drying Your Engine Compartment

    Now that the engine has been cleaned with Lane’s Super Dyno Cleaner and completely dried, you can apply your engine dressing.

    Applying Engine Dressing

    Step 1 – Application should be done in smooth horizontal strokes to ensure that you cover the entire engine. The engine dressing will help to protect against future buildup and will give your engine a long-lasting clean appearance between washes.

    Microfiber Towel to Apply Engine Dressing

    Step 2 – Use a microfiber towel to evenly spread the engine dressing. This will help to coat the areas not reached with the trigger sprayer. Using a microfiber towel to spread the engine dressing will also prevent excess runoff giving your engine a fresh new look.

    Clean Engine

    Once completing these quick and easy steps you can drive with confidence, knowing that you have protected your engine, extending the overall life of your vehicle.

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