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Perfect Bend And Spray Water Hose Nozzle For Car Detailing

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Having the appropriate water hose nozzle is important in the car washing step. Whether you are a professional auto detailer or just like to wash your car in your driveway, you can rest assured Lane's bend and spray nozzle is the perfect fit. Controlling the water pressure is easy, with a slight bend in your wrist the pressure will start to flow. The harder you bend more water pressure will be created. To stop the water flow just release the bend in your wrist and the water shuts off. That is right no more dropping the hose nozzle and taking the chance of getting a shower.

When we talk about the perfect hose nozzle, having a durable nozzle that will last comes to mind. The Bend and Spray Nozzle is constructed of heavy duty rubber and brass which makes this virtually unbreakable. The next time you set out to wash your car grab the bend and spray nozzle, washing your car will be whole lot more fun.

Selecting The Right Tire Shine

Selecting the right tire shine can be tricky and with some many different types to choose from finding the right one will require some research on your end. Many car dealerships like a high shine tire shine. This will ensure to catch the eye of customers looking to purchase a car. Silicone is the made [...]

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Detail Your Engine Like A Pro

Cleaning and detailing your engine like a pro is easy with the right engine detailing products. Whether you are selling or trading your car this step can put an extra 200 to 500 dollars in your pocket. Individuals looking to buy a car will look under the hood to see if the engine has cosmetically [...]

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The Best Auto Carpet Upholstery Cleaner

Removing stains from auto carpets upholstery and seats made easy with Lane's Dry Foam. Cleaning your interior can be time consuming and sometimes down right frustrating, especially if you do not have a professional grade auto upholstery cleaner. Lane's have developed a unique product that will not only save you time, but rather will keep [...]

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How To Restore Faded Bumpers Trim Mirrors Back To Black Easy!

There is nothing worse then seeing a great looking car only to find that the plastic moldings or bumper have been discolored by the sun. This is all to common with cars today. The good news it can be corrected and you bring the life back to those faded areas with ease. It all comes [...]

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How To Clay Bar Your Car In Half The Time

Once, your car has thoroughly been washed and the top layer of dirt has been removed, the clay barring step will be safe and effective. This does take some time however, it will definitely add years of life to your paint and keep it free of any dirt particles that get embedded in your clear [...]

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Best Tire Shine - Long Lasting Shine Durable Protection By Lane's

There are many different tire shines on the market today. However, finding a good one can be tough. To achieve a high shine comes down to the concentration of silicone, a key ingredient that makes up the product. Silicone is expensive and some manufactures choose to cut cost and limit the concentration of this ingredient. [...]

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How To Clean And Condition Auto Leather Seats Like A Pro!

Cleaning and conditioning auto leather seats is a must if you want to keep your leather's integrity. Over time, the oils from your skin along with dirt and grime will discolor the leather making for a dull, dirty appearance. In time, your leather seats will start to crack if you do not use a professional [...]

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How To Dry Windows Rvs & Cars With 18inch Water Blade Extension Pole

Hand washing your car, rv or truck can be time consuming but also rewarding. This allows you to locate any paint defects or scratches before they lead to bigger issues. Keeping your vehicle clean will maintain your clear coat and remove contaminants before they have time to become embedded in your paint's finish. Drying your car [...]

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How To Shine Your Paint & Wheels Using Lane's Detail Spray

Prolonging the life of your paint is important. Make your paint pop in half the time compared to the application of traditional car waxing with Lane's Touch Up Shine. This is accomplished by using a professional grade auto detail spray or other individuals might know this product as spray wax.Although a detail spray does not [...]

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