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Wheel Care

Wheel Care - Cleaning And Polishing Your Wheels Like A Pro

Wheels are one of the dirtiest parts on our car and are coated with oils, road grime, dirt, rocks and chemicals from the road. Using the right aluminum wheel cleaner or chrome wheel cleaner will save you time and effectively cut through the dirt and grime. Proper wheel protection starts with the right wheel polish.

Although there are many types of wheels, using a professional wheel cleaner will effectively and safely clean your wheels. Individuals often times try to use car wash detergent to achieve results, however, Lane's wheel cleaner is specifically formulated to clean factory and/or custom wheels. Lane's wheel cleaner is sought out by professional auto detailers and auto dealerships nationwide.

Wheels can benefit from a good polishing once in a while to restore their shine and enhance the overall appearance of your car. Before polishing your wheels remove all loose debris and grime with Lane's wheel cleaner to prep your wheels for polishing. Keeping your wheels polished will seal and protect your wheels from pitting and corrosion.

To maintain the appearance of your car, proper tire care and wheel care is important. Be sure to check out our different tire care products.

If you'd like more personal direction, have a specific detailing problem, or simply have a question about a product, Lane's detail specialists are available to guide you. Call 866-798-9011!