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Tire Care

Tire Care - Protect Your Rubber Tires with Our Tire Care Products

Proper Tire Care Keeps Tires Lasting Long

Automobile tires have a lot riding on them, and they deserve our efforts to protect them from the elements, and the abuse we and, our atmosphere, put them through. Left alone, car tires dry out. They discolor over time, crack and split. It's called dry rot and is caused by sun damage and other pollutants in our atmosphere. However, unlike the rest of your car, your rubber tires have pores that absorb this dirt and grime below the surface of the tire. This dirt and grime can affect the safety and longevity of your tires. The proper tire care protection from these damaging agents is important to keeping your tires lasting and looking new. Simply put, the sun is constantly assaulting car tires and breaking down the tire and its polymers. To keep your tires safe, simple steps can be taken to protect them from the sun's damaging rays.

Tire manufacturers add a wax compound to their formulas to protect tires from ozone damage. Water washes away the natural oils and waxes in rubber that keeps it elastic. So our job is to protect and maintain that elasticity, which protects the tires from breaking down, cracking and fading.

Start by cleaning your tires with Tire Cleaner. Use a Tire Cleaner Brush to scrub dirt and grime from rubber. To protect your car's tires follow it up with Tire Shine. Tire Shine can be applied simply with a sprayer or sponge applicator, and wipe down with a soft cloth. Tire Shine is effective at repelling water. It dries fast and protects your tires with a long lasting, high gloss that looks great while working hard.

Tire care is important and choosing a tire protection agent is crucial to the longevity of your tires. It must be long lasting, effective at maintaining the elasticity of the tire, and provide superior protection from the elements. Many people don't think twice about protecting their tires, but, when you think about it, they are the foundation of your car. It only takes a few minutes to apply a protectant like Tire Shine.

To maintain the appearance of your car, proper tire care and wheel care is important. Be sure to check out our different wheel cleaner products.

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