Tornador Blow Out Tool Z-014

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  • Tornador Blow Out Tool
  • Drastically speeds up cleaning time
  • Reach tight spots and areas easily
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Low noise emissions
  • Free speed RPM 3600
  • Air Pressure 6.2 bar/90 psi
  • Weight: less than 1 pound

The Tornador Blow Out Tool works the same way as the Tornador Cleaning Tool using the tornado-like motion. The only difference is it does not utilize water and/or cleaners. The Tornador Blow Out Tool works best with air compressors operating between 60 and 90 psi. It has multiple detailing uses. For interior car cleaning use to blow out crumbs and dust between seats, seams of seats and dashboards, cup holders, and any hard-to-reach areas. For exterior car cleaning use to remove water from window seams, door, hood and trunk jambs, wheels and engine compartments to avoid dripping. The Tornador Blow Out Tool makes cleaning and drying your vehicle faster and more efficient.

The TORNADOR® Air Blow Out Gun works with your air compressor to blow debris and moisture out of hard-to-reach areas of a vehicle. Use the TORNADOR® Air Blow Out Gun inside or outside the vehicle. The strong, tornado-like funnel of air blasts out dirt and dust quickly and easily.

The TORNADOR® Air Blow Out Gun has the same cone shape as the TORNADOR® Car Cleaning Tool and TORNADOR® Air Foam Gun. The cone channels air into a powerful tornado-like motion that quickly lifts dirt and moisture from any surface. The cone covers a larger area than the air flow coming directly from an air compressor, yet it is still targeted enough to concentrate tremendous air power right where your vehicle needs it.

The TORNADOR® Air Blow Out Gun has multiple detailing uses. Use it to blow crumbs, trash, and dust from under and between car seats. Blow out seams in the dashboard and trim, where dust accumulates. On the exterior, blow moisture out of door, trunk, and hood jambs. Blast water out of body seams and from around windows and mirrors to avoid drip marks. Under the hood, dry out the engine compartment so you can dress and polish engine components.

The TORNADOR® Air Blow Out Gun speeds up detailing! The strong gust of air blows debris out in the open where you can vacuum it up. It blasts water out of crevices to eliminate time-consuming hand-drying. It dries up the engine so you can get on with your detail. The TORNADOR® Air Blow Out Gun saves you valuable time!

The TORNADOR® Air Blow Out Gun works with an air compressor operating between 60 and 90 psi. Depress the trigger to release a powerful gust of air. Because the TORNADOR® Air Blow Out Gun is designed to blow debris out of tight spaces, it is recommended that you wear appropriate eye and ear protection to avoid contact with loose debris.

You can't clean what you can't see! The TORNADOR® Air Blow Out Gun removes debris from its hiding spots inside the car and aids you in drying the exterior and engine area. The powerful blast of air cleans and dries where you can't, to complete your detailing job faster.

To clean the TORNADOR® Air Blow Out Gun, place the nozzle in a bucket of soapy water and depress the trigger once or twice to remove dirt from cone.


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    Cheap, durable and efficient

    Posted by Cody on 19th Aug 2021

    These are awesome tools. I've used just about everything out there, sold in stores and I found them broken every month. I have a large detailing team, who are great at their job, but hard on a few tools. I decided to try a few of these Z-014 blow out tools and what a difference it made! My team likes its efficiency. I like that its cheap and durable, especially outfitted with the stainless steel lined cones(CT-190). Everything you need comes in the box, blow tool, plastic cone, weighted tube w/ thread tape, QD air fitting and a part diagram. I couldn't have asked for a better product from a better supplier. Lanes Car Products was quick to contact me and thank me for the purchase and to explain any discrepancies with my order but still sent it out with very fast shipping. I will keep coming back just for the customer service I get.