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Ryobi Buffer 6 Inch Car Wax Kit Item K-1039

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  • Ryobi's smooth, random orbital action helps attain a professional, swirl-free finish
  • Lane's Nana Wax cleans and polishes paint
  • Lane's Cherry Wet Wax is a high gloss wax great for dark colored cars
  • Lane's Super Seal Paint Sealant creates a dazzling shine and long-lasting protection
  • High Shine Detail Spray Wax used for an instant shine in between waxing

Ryobi 6-inch Orbital Buffer offers smooth, random orbital action at 4,000 RPM speed which attain a professional, swirl-free finish. This UL-listed buffer is double insulated to help protect metal parts from internal metal motor components and has fully contained bearings for maintenance-free applications. The tool features a 100% terry cloth application bonnet and a synthetic-tufted polishing bonnet that are reusable and has a textured, soft spray on the housing for a comfortable grip. ORDER NOW AND RECEIVE ADDITIONAL BONNET 2 PACK AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE!

Lane's Nana Wax is used by auto detailers, dealerships and car fanatics to clean and polish paint, leaving no residue. This car glaze will minimize paint defects and give your paint finish looking amazing. Nana Wax is safe for all clear coat finishes.

Lane's Cherry Wet Wax provides your vehicle's paint with a high shine and durable protection. Cherry Wet Wax contains additional oils to preserve your paint and provide a high gloss shine minimizing paint imperfections. It is easy to apply and remove using the Ryobi buffer and leaves no white residue leaving you with a smooth, high-shine finish.

Lane's Super Seal Paint Sealant is the final coat applied by either hand or auto buffer for a long-lasting protection to your auto's paint. Auto dealerships often offer a paint protection, paint sealant on each vehicle sold. Our detailing company uses Super Seal for the paint sealant protection sold by dealerships. Use Super Seal as the last step in the waxing process to leave your paint with a durable protective coat.

Use Lane's Show Room Shine for a quick shine to a dusty car. It can be used on your vehicle's paint, chrome and glass or as a clay bar lubricant. For a quick touch-up give your car the professional show room shine it deserves.

Keeping your car's paint looking it's best can be achieved with Lane's Ryobi Buffer 6 Inch Car Wax Kit.

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