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Netcessity Seat Caddy Essential Car Accessory

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Featuring the Netcessity Seat Caddy - The Essential Car Accessory!!!

Have you ever hit the brakes and everything in your seat falls to the floor? With Netcessity Seat Caddy that will never happen again. 

The Netcessity Seat Caddy is easy-to-use, convenient, expandable and collapsible seat organizer to keep your items in place on any passenger seat from shifting or falling to the floor when stepping on the brakes or turning a corner. Adjustable to fit any passenger seat, roomy and expandable for small to large items, adjustable cord and grommet to secure and requires no bolts or screws. No need to remove for passenger seating. Reduces distracted driving. Made of durable, flexible nylon mesh and elastic.

  • Made of durable, flexible nylon mesh and elastic
  • Adjustable to fit any passenger seat (front seat, back seat or third-row seat)
  • Versatile to place at any height on the seat featuring an adjustable cord to secure taller items
  • Roomy and expandable; retains small or large, even bulky items
  • Fully-collapsible when not in use
  • Does not need to be removed for a passenger
  • Reduces distracted driving
  • Installs easily! Requires no headrest posts or bolts and screws
  • Made in the USA

The Netcessity Seat Caddy is the perfect car organizer to keep items safe and within reach.



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