Mopar Black Car Seat Cover Towel

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Mopar Black Car Seat Cover Armour

Seat Armour is a seat "protector" unlike any being offered in the market today. It is a towel that simply slips over the car seat head rest and protects the seats after any outdoor activity and does not interfere with "Side Airbag" deployment. They are 100% cotton terry velour with fiber reactive dye that never fades. They are soft, thick and beautiful. They come in 3 ground colors to match seats with Tan, Gray, and Black.

Mopar Black Seat Armour protects your leather or upholstery. The towel slips over your seat and you can tuck into your seat to keep the towel in place. Machine washable.

US & International Patent # 7,472,953

  • Live hard! Play hard! And don't mess up your car seats!
  • Protects seats against stains, odor, perspiration, spills, odor, pet dander, scratches, and other substances.
  • Easily slides down over headrest to form fit seat.
  • Made of 100% cotton terry/velour; machine washable

The patented Seat Armour Car Seat Towel is a must have for the true car fanatic or anyone who wants to customize their interior seats. This specialized car towel will not only approve your seats appearance, it will provide the upmost protection against stains, pets, that quick ride to pick up your kids from the ballgame or those of you that eat on the go.