Mini Speedy Surface Prep Towel

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Mini Surface Prep Towel

Mini Surface Prep Towel is the perfect size to allow for tight places. The Mini Surface Prep Towel removes surface contaminants, leaving surface smooth as glass. It is a new advanced polymerized rubber tehcnology bonded to microfiber. It makes removing contaminants easy with less effort. This prep towel is 7" x 7" and is medium grade. It will be used on medium to heavy surface contaminants to remove industrial pollutants, paint overspray and brake dust from the suface of your automotive paint, glass, moldings, fiberglass and plastic.

Directions: Just spray Lane's Touch-Up Shine on the Mini Surface Prep Towel and on the surface your are cleaning. Glide the Prep Towel back and forth on the surface a few times. Take another microfiber towel to wipe away residue from your surface.


Maintenance of Mini Speedy Surface Prep Towel: It dropped on the ground, simply rinse clean and continue using. Rinse between uses.