Glass Master Pro Window Cleaning Tool

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Glass Master Pro Window Cleaning Tool

An advanced glass cleaning tool for hard-to-reach areas!

Streak free windows complete the car detailing process. Unfortunately, not all windows are the same size. This means that even if you have the correct window cleaning towels, you will not be able to provide a streak-free clean to the corners and hard to reach areas of most interior vehicle windows.

Even professional auto detailing companies such our parent company, Fast Lane Mobile Wash & Detail LLC, rely on the Glass Master Pro to get the job done right! The Glass Master Pro is a 14” wand with a triangular cleaning head. With the advanced patented design, wedge shaped flexible pivoting cleaning heads are curved to grip surfaces as they clean. The Glass Master Pro is great for cars, trucks, SUV’s, minivans, RV’s, boats, work place and your home to reach under tabletops and to the tops of mirrors without any uncomfortable reaching or bending. For those hard to reach windows, no need to use a ladder. The Glass Master Pro attaches to standard poles for extended reach.

The Glass Master Pro comes with a 14” comfort grip handle, 2 multi-purpose cleaning heads and three cleaning bonnets [Microfiber, Multi-Purpose and Nylon Mesh]. All three bonnets fit snugly over the pivoting heads and are reusable, reversible and machine washable and replaceable. The microfiber bonnet is excellent for cleaning glass to a streak-free shine. The silky fibers will not scratch and they require very little glass cleaner to work effectively. The terry bonnet is ideal for cleaning surfaces that have more build-up on them. For example, toothpaste on your bathroom mirror or oily fingerprints on a sliding glass door might require the gentle polishing power of terry cloth. You can always follow up with the dry microfiber bonnet to remove streaks if necessary. The nylon mesh bonnet is designed to remove sticky or stubborn contaminants by getting under the culprit and dislodging it with the strong nylon fibers. Use it to remove bugs or sap from your windshield or soap scum from your shower! Additional bonnets are available for purchase.

See a Glass Master Pro Video below: