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Clay Bar Auto Detail Spray Kit K-1033

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Clay Bar Auto Detail Spray Kit – to Remove Overspray

Does your paint not feel smooth? Do you have overspray or contaminates on your paint? Until now, detailing clay bars were the safest and most effective way to remove overspray and contaminants from your autos paint and were used by professional detailers and car dealers. The Clay Bar Detail Spray Kit is designed for the garage hobbyists and do-it-yourselfers.

The new innovative rubber polymer product, the Magna Sponge, which replaces the use of clay bars, will safely and easily remove paint overspray, water spots, tree sap, rail dust and other bonded surface contaminants from the surface of your automobile paint, glass, moldings and plastic. If you drop the Magna Sponge on the ground, no worries, just rinse the sponge pad clean and you're ready to keep using it. Easy grip sponge allows for sturdy and controlled handling. The Magna Sponge can simply be cleaned by rinsing the accumulated contaminates with water, unlike clay bars.

The Magna Sponge can be used by to 30 times. Do not use when vehicle body surface is hot or in direct sunlight. Use Lane’s Show Room Shine to lubricate the surface before using the Magna Sponge. Excessive pressure is not needed and may cause hazing.

Removing overspray, bugs, tar and paint contaminates has never been easier. Contaminates leaves your paint finish feeling rough and lacking in luster and can penetrate the clear coat. If left alone, it will allow rust to form. Use a cellophane glove or a plastic sandwich bag over your hand to feel the contaminates on your paint. After using Lane’s Clay Bar Auto Detail Spray Kit, your paint finish will feel slick and smooth prove it by using your glove or bag and notice the big difference.

Keep you clear coat looking new and save money by purchasing this kit.

Directions: Thoroughly wash vehicle free of dust, sand, and dirt. Spray Lane’s Show Room Shine lubricant on a small area and with rubber side down, gently rub the Magna Sponge on vehicle surface in small circles. Limit applied pressure, allow sponge to glide on lubricant. During use, frequently rinse away accumulated dirt from rubber polymer surface.

Clay Bar Auto Detail Spray Kit Instructions:

After you have thoroughly washed and dried your vehicle, you are now ready to remove any remaining contaminants in the paint.

Step 1 – To determine if you have contaminants in your paint, put your hand in a plastic bag and gently move your hand over the surface. You will feel the surface contaminants on your paint that you might not be able to feel with a bare hand.

Step 2 – Once you have felt the contaminants, take your hand out of the bag and spray Lane’s Show Room Shine detail spray on the surface.

Step 3 – Hydroplane or glide the Magna Sponge over the surface of the vehicle that you have sprayed. You will actually hear a slight sound as you do this. Continue this process until you no longer hear the sound while hydroplaning (gliding) the Magna Sponge. You might have to apply more of the Show Room Shine to keep the surface lubricated (never use the Magna Sponge on a dry surface).

Step 4 – After you feel that you have removed the contaminants on the paint, you can wipe dry with a microfiber towel.

Step 5 – Take the same bag that you used in Step 1 and gently move your hand over the surface. If you still feel bumps, repeat Steps 3 & 4. If you no longer feel any bumps, then you have removed all contaminants from your vehicle’s surface.

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