Bug & Tar Removal

The concentrated formulas in Lane's Bug Remover and Tar Remover will reduce your scrubbing time and frustration by helping you easily clean bugs, tree sap and tar from your auto clear coat and paint on first application.

Removing Bug Residue from Auto Made Easy

Bug Remover: How To Remove Bugs

The warmer months of spring and summer bring out bugs. By driving your car, either in the early morning hours or late night, it is going to get inundated by bugs. Insect residue needs to be removed as soon as possible or the enzymes in their bodies will eat away the finish of your car. Bug removal is frustrating with retail store level bug cleaners. However, with a professional bug remover like Lane's Bug Away, removing bugs is easy.

Applying wax to your auto, glass, bumpers and grills is a good idea that makes future bug residue cleaning easier. Although this will not prevent bugs from sticking, it's a start. However, after a road trip or night on the town, bug removal is essential to your paint. Simple steps below can save you time removing bug residue.

Bug removal supplies include a professional strength bug remover, bug sponge, hose and soap.

Step 1- Wet down the area that is affected by bugs.

Step 2- Spray bug remover over the entire section covered in bugs

Step 3- Use bug sponge to lightly go over the area until the bugs are removed

Step 4- Hose bugs off and give your vehicle a thorough washing.

Tar Remover & Sap Remover: How To Remove Road Tar & Tree Sap

Lane's Citrus Tar Remover Makes Removing Tar & Tree Sap Easy

Protecting your paint requires removing harmful contaminants such as road tar and tree sap which left untouched will damage your clear coat finish. This is a common problem in spring and summer months as the weather warms and melts these contaminants into your paint.

If you are like most people your first instinct is to scrub tar and tree sap with a brush causing minor surface scratches and paint chips. Avoid this mistake by using a solvent to break down the contaminants thereby allowing the removal of tar safely and effectively.

The tar removing process is easy with Lane's Citrus Tar Remover as this cleaner is safe for all painted surfaces. To use squeeze citrus tar remover on a clean micro fiber towel and rub tar in a back and forth motion until tar is removed. These same steps will apply to tree sap removal. After removing tar and sap wash your car using Lane's car wash soap.