Why Should I Wax My Car?

Why Should I Wax My Car?

Posted by Lanes Car Products on 13th Sep 2015

As a dedicated car-lover, chances are you have a regular, set routine for detailing your pride & joy: this may be washing, polishing, and vacuuming the interiors; this may be cleaning your tires, brushing your upholstery, and dusting your vents – whatever your preferred way to care for your vehicle is, there's one stage you should always remember to include: waxing.

At Lane's, we produce and stock a wide range of car waxes to suit all vehicles and colors: no matter what the make or model of your car or truck, waxing should be a key part of your routine – but why?

The Benefits of Waxing your Car

Dirt is Slower to Build

As wax is designed to provide a lasting coating on your car's paintwork, dirt & grime takes longer to build – in all weathers, you'll be able to go longer without washing it. As we formulate our waxes to provide the longest-lasting, most professional finish, you should be able to enjoy weeks of gorgeous shine before needing to clean and reapply. This is ideal if you use your car every day, particularly in muddy areas.

Enjoy Scratch Protection

No matter how carefully we drive, cars do experience regular wear and tear just by being used: tiny imperfections can appear on your paintwork, and, possibly, become a real frustration! Using a wax will visibly eliminate wear and tear from your vehicle's exterior, and remove swirl marks caused through washing.

Create a Professional Finish

Are you considering selling your car? Are you a professional auto-detailer? Do you run a showroom? Whatever your reasons to want a car with a stunning shine, using a wax will transform your vehicle's exterior and ensure it looks dealership-fresh. This is especially important for securing the car's full value: potential buyers or clients facing a dirty car are unlikely to be satisfied with grime or months of accumulated dirt.

While wax will not remove scratches from your car, it can actually fill some of them in: shallow scratches are much less apparent afterwards, and this is usually good enough to eliminate a need for actual cosmetic work.

For best results, you should remain consistent with your waxing: use it every six weeks, and aim to use the same product. We stock a huge range of waxes, with various scents available, in a choice of sizes. Obviously, a car which is sitting in a showroom or garage for weeks, or even months, on end will need less treatment than one which is used every single day, but you should still wax it on a regular basis to keep it looking its best.

Ensure Greater Paint Protection

Wax offers UV protection and helps paint to retain its color: this is ideal for drivers in bright, sunny locations – particularly for dealerships where cars may be out on the lot all day long. Especially for cars with a darker paintwork, consistent exposure to stark sunlight can drain the color, ageing a vehicle significantly.

Without a wax, your paint is at greater risk of damage or corrosion by acid rain, bugs, and other contaminants: a layer of wax creates a protective barrier between your paintwork and the elements. Chips in paint can seriously detract from the overall look of a vehicle (usually caused by stones striking your car as you drive), but wax smooths the surface to reduce friction between it and debris – this makes stones etc. more likely to actually slide off your car, rather than damage it.

Before using a wax, you should wash and polish your car: this will ensure all dirt & grime is removed, and an effective shine is well in place. The wax will then create a lasting shine and protective layer, completing a comprehensive treatment.

Want to know more about our selection of waxes, and how to use them? Get in touch – we're happy to answer any questions you may have!