​Turning Amateurs Into Pros!

​Turning Amateurs Into Pros!

Posted by Lanes Car Products on 9th Jan 2016

Having your vehicle professionally detailed can yield results that appear miraculous. How did they get rid of that dirt and grime that I thought had no chance of ever getting clean? Well, one way Lane’s Car Products can help turn amateurs into pros is in this installment.

Chances are your vehicle has dirt and grime that is buried deeply into the simulated grain of factory plastic and vinyl interior pieces. The top places for this to occur is areas like your door threshold where you scrape your feet every time you enter and exit your vehicle, and include surfaces your constantly touch like arm rests and interior control pieces like steering wheels and turn signals. Ready for the secret to making these pieces look like new again?

The number one tool we recommend for jobs like these is the interior detail sponge. Paired with a good, strong cleaner like Lane’s Vinyl Cleaner; the interior detail sponge is the best friend you never knew you had.

For fantastic results, simply spray the soiled area generously with Vinyl Cleaner then gently agitate with an interior detail sponge. You will see the dirt and grim lifted from all of those tiny cracks and grains instantly. You then wipe away the excess with a microfiber towel. This combination produces fantastic results that leave you plastic and vinyl surfaces looking like new again.

The real secret lies in the interior detail sponge. Constructed of melamine foam, the sponge has a unique molecular make-up in that give it an “open cell” design. These tiny open cells trap dirt and grime and bring them to the surface so they can be easily wiped away. It’s not magic, but it certainly looks that way when used and the results are truly unbelievable.

Get yourself on the road to getting professional results just like the pros with the unbeatable combination of Lane’s Vinyl Cleaner, interior detail sponge, and a good quality microfiber towel. Get them at Lane’s Car Products today!