Top 5 Ways to Protect your Car from the Sun

Top 5 Ways to Protect your Car from the Sun

Posted by Lanes Car Products on 15th May 2015

If you have no garage for your car, or if the parking lot at your workplace features no shelter for employee vehicles, you may worry about how the sun will affect your car. Under constant sun and heat, cars can receive damage, whether this is a fading of the finish or causing the internal furnishings to become too hot for comfort. Over a few hours, this may not cause too much concern – but over days and weeks, this may well take a more severe toll.

At Lane's Professional Car Products, we love our cars as much as you love yours. We understand how important it is to keep the bodywork looking its best, and the internal furnishings as clean as possible. While parking inside a garage or indoor parking lot will protect your car from extreme heat and UV radiation, there are alternatives which will help to keep your vehicle defended against the elements.

Get Under the Covers

At Lane's, we offer a wide range of car covers to throw over your vehicle. We provide both custom and universal covers, to suit varying requirements.

Custom Covers

These covers are tailor-made to fit your car's every curve with the utmost precision, with mirror pockets and openings for antennas. We have multiple types, in numerous colors.

Universal Covers

Unlike the Custom Covers, our Universal Covers are designed to fit vehicles of specific makes and models.

All of our covers are manufactured with the most high-quality materials, to protect your paintwork and keep internal features safe from the sun.

Try Windshield Sun Protectors

These can be placed over your windshield quickly and easily, and combat the majority of UV damage as the sun beams down onto your car. There are multiple types available, so shop around to find one which suits your vehicle best.

Waxing Often

Putting a layer of wax on your car will protect its finish from the sun's UV rays, and should be done on a regular basis. Lane's sells a variety of car waxes, all of which provide a lasting professional finish, ensuring your vehicle stays protected and safer from harmful conditions.

Washing and Drying Regularly

Exposure to the sun can cause your car's paint to fade and crack. Washing and drying the car by hand on a regular basis will help to remove particles of dirt and dust, which may create small scratches. We stock a wide range of washes and shampoos, which provide instant, lasting results, perfect for car-lovers of all detailing-experience levels.

Watch your Tires

That's right – the sun can make concrete hot, and this can cause blowouts after prolonged contact with your tires. Make sure you check your tires often in hot weather, and pay attention to the pressure your vehicle's manufacturer recommends.

At Lane's, we provide a range of tire-cleaning products, all of which are formulated to provide professional, lasting results. Cleaning tires thoroughly is just as important as keeping the rest of the vehicle in top condition, so always try to stay abreast of their state.

We're dedicated to helping your cars look and perform at their best – whatever your vehicle, whatever its brand and model, we'll have the professional products you need. Since our company was founded, we've sought to use only the finest ingredients & materials, providing customers with market-leading items.

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