To Polish or to Wax, and what's the Difference?

To Polish or to Wax, and what's the Difference?

Posted by Lanes Car Products on 13th Sep 2015

At Lane's, we offer a wide range of products for high-quality auto detailing: from shampoos to polishes, from waxes to pressure washers, our selection features everything you need for a lasting, professional finish – but how do you know whether to choose one product over another? Deciding between polishes and waxes, for example, can prove daunting for some car-enthusiasts: which benefits do each of these offer, and why is one better for your vehicle than another?

Join us as we look at the difference between the two!

Polishes – A Guide

Car polishes in general are designed to provide a subtle abrasive action, removing fine layers of the body's top-coat protection (basically, removing paint that has become oxidized): this flattens the surface out for a stunning light-reflecting gleam. Lane's polishes are formulated to provide a lasting finish, leaving your car with an unbeatable shine.

Polishes are an aesthetic solution only: they provide no protection to your paintwork, but help to return your car's aesthetic to its former glory, for a showroom-quality finish. How often should you polish your vehicle? Every six months or so should help to keep it looking its absolute best.

Wax – A Guide

The first product created by our founder, Lane Pietro, was a car wax – and this quickly sold out! How does this differ to a polish? While a polish removes the oxidized layer of paint for a shinier finish, waxes basically fill in the imperfections in your paintwork, smoothing the surface out for a gorgeous gleam.

However, unlike a polish, the wax provides protection to your car's paintwork by remaining on the car for some time after use.

Whether you choose to use a wax or a polish will depend on your own personal preferences: do you want to focus more on a shine, or do you want to add lasting protection to your paintwork? At Lane's, we offer a wide range, with multiple polishes and waxes as competitive prices, all made by our expert team for professional-quality performance.

Let's take a look at a few of our products:

Cherry Wet Wax

This is a great choice for creating a long-lasting, shiny finish: this is designed to leave vehicles with a wet look, as if they've just been washed. How? This features more oils than standard waxes.

This also offers a sweet cherry scent, and preserves paintwork while minimizing any imperfections – this is used by professional detailers, and can be applied with a buffer or by hand.

Gold Edition Wax

This is one of our most popular waxes, and provides an incredible shine: this is perfect for vehicles of all colors, with quick, easy application & removal.

Renewit Auto Polish

Our Renewit Auto Polish is a professional-grade product, formulated with fine polishing agents, polymers, and silicons to remove oxidation & scratches. This also brings paint back to its brightest, original quality, for a lasting shine. This is a thick polish, best used alongside a buffer on any color.

Microfiber Polishing Mitt

This mitt is ideal for removing all traces of polish from your car, leaving a stunning glow. Made with short-pile microfiber strands, this is super-absorbent & washable, allowing for more precision & control than the standard towels commonly used.

If you're still unsure whether to use a wax or a polish, give us a call or drop us an email! We love to hear from our customers, and are happy to offer whatever advice we can. You can also try both and see which results you prefer! Polish can be used to lay a foundation for waxes, removing 'dead' paint before the wax provides lasting protection against the elements – so why not use the two together?