The Best Car Wax Kit For Ultimate Shine & Paint Protection

Posted by Lane's Car Products on 28th Jan 2016

Car fanatics clean and wax their cars for a number of reasons. However, protecting the second largest investment one will have should be the end result. There are many different types of car wax kits on the market today and with the many different choices people are faced with, selecting the right car- wax kit can be time consuming and frustrating. When it comes to waxing your car, using a professional grade wax will not only save you time but will guarantee a great shine without sacrificing paint protection.

Car wax application is a must for any car. Depending on where you reside the weather does play a role in how often you should wax your car. I suggest waxing your car at least 4 times a year. This means at least once every three months. Do not be fooled with wax product offerings that suggest you only have to wax your car once every five years. This will only make you disappointed every time you look at your cars finish.

To achieve the ultimate shine and protection you will need six types of paint protection products. Below I will list the products needed along with the benefits of each product.

1 Professional Grade Car Soap - This will remove dirt, debris and any top level contaminants from your car’s paint

2 Clay Bar – This will remove any type of debris or paint overspray, keep a slick feel to your clear coat getting it ready for the car wax application

3 Car Compound – This will eliminate or reduce any light scratching that has developed in the clear coat. If the scratch is deep to the finger nail touch, than wet sanding or painting is the best option.

4 Car Polish – This will smooth the paint reducing any paint wave. Car Polish will correct for any paint imperfections, acting as the base for the car waxing process.

5 Car Wax – This will provide the shine and protection for your paint. Some car waxes hold up better in direct sunlight than others. Make sure you choose a car wax that is appropriate for your surrounding weather conditions.

6 Paint Sealant - This will seal the wax. Paint sealant should have UV protection and will be act as your barrier between the weather conditions and your car wax.

When purchasing your car wax products, make sure you purchase from a company that understands detailing. Professional detailers do this for a living and they know how important it is to use professional grade products.