Superior Auto Detailing Supplies for the Do-It-Yourselfer

Superior Auto Detailing Supplies for the Do-It-Yourselfer

Posted by Lanes Car Products on 28th Mar 2015

As our founder, Lane Pietro, started out as a one-man detailing machine, everyone at Lane's Professional Car Products understands the joy and sense of achievement detailing your car can provide: spending hours on your vehicle, focusing on every area, polishing and waxing and cleaning and buffing … it's no surprise so many dedicated car-lovers do this week in, week out.

For some time, Lane used products created by other brands for cleaning his clients' vehicles – and he soon realized they didn't work quite as well, or as quickly, as he knew they should. When he started to formulate his own wax, discovered a market of car-lovers (just like himself!) willing to pay for superior products. Without the overheads of bigger brands, Lane was able to keep his prices low – a key ideal we're still passionate about today: we aim to be affordable for all budgets. Such passion is what allowed Lane's to grow from a business run from the Pietros' home, with mail orders and drivers originating from their property, to the major company it is today.

As time has gone on, we've expanded our range to offer everything the do-it-yourself detailer needs, making your interior and exterior as good as new. While professional detailers provide a great service for people without the time or the means to treat their own car, many enthusiasts prefer to keep their vehicle clean and fresh themselves. Our selection of interior and exterior detailing products offer solutions for all vehicle-owners, from sports-car collectors to delivery-drivers and truckers, whether you have hours to spend on every inch or just five minutes to touch your windows up between cleanings.

Interior Detailing

To help you keep your car's internal space clean and comfortable, we offer wipes, sprays, clothes, and deodorizers – all made with the dedication and high-quality you've come to expect from Lane's. Each is easy to use, with instant, lasting results. Whether you decide to buy our Xpress 5 Minute Detail Kit (which provides you with a range of items for cleaning your carpets, upholstery, and windows) or our Auto Interior Shine and Vinyl Cleaner Kit (rejuvenating your interior for a dealership-fresh finish) you'll be amazed by the results.

Unlike some other brands, which are run by people with little interest or passion in cars, Lane and our team know just how important regular detailing is, and so provide the biggest and best range of products we can.

Exterior Detailing

Giving your car's exterior a professional shine is key to many of us. Our selection of exterior detailing products features waxes, polishes, brushes, and more, designed for the body, tires, and wheels. Again, all of these are affordable, and easy to use, with professional detailers and auto dealerships using them each day for eye-catching perfection.

Depending on your current stock of detailing items, you may prefer to just buy our products individually, or invest in our kits. Purchasing a wax or a polish on its own is great for just picking up what you need, while kits feature a comprehensive selection of items for a complete, thorough clean.

As well as giving you an unbeatable selection of detailing products, we can also offer valuable information and advice – you can reach us by phone, by email, or through our Live Chat feature, depending on your personal preferences: as we started off as one man with a love of auto detailing supplies, we've picked up all kinds of helpful tips over the years!

We love to get feedback from you – our customers – as it only helps us recognize our team's achievements, and identify areas we can strengthen. So – don't be shy! Get in touch today to tell us about your Lane's experience.