Selecting The Right Tire Shine

Selecting The Right Tire Shine

Posted by Lane's Car Products on 13th Jun 2016

Selecting the right tire shine can be tricky and with some many different types to choose from finding the right one will require some research on your end. Many car dealerships like a high shine tire shine. This will ensure to catch the eye of customers looking to purchase a car. Silicone is the made ingredient that makes for a shiny tire. Having a good silicone base tire shine is not cheap but will provide weeks of protection to your tires. You can apply the silicone tire shine in two ways. First, you can purchase a spray Tire shine, which will allow you to apply to a dry tire in mere seconds. The second form a is a silicone tire gel. This application takes a little longer but is more controllable when cover the outer wall of the tire.

For those of you that work in a body shop the right choice would be a silicone- free tire shine. Although this may lack in the high shine division, you can rest assured the body shop will be safe while painting cars. Having a silicone-free tire shine is important in a body shop as there are no silicone ingredients which will get into the paint and cause fish eyes.

Be careful when going to your local retail store and grabbing just any bottle of tire shine off the shelve. You just might select the one that contains alcohol. This will be bad as alcohol can dry your tires and cause them to turn brown. Go online and research tire shine products. Purchase your car care products from companies that have experience in the detailing arena. This will save you time and allow you to get cost effective tire care products that will achieve professional results.