Selecting The Best Tire Shine For Your Car

Posted by Lane's Professional Car Products on 17th Mar 2021

Selecting The Best Tire Shine For Your Car

Selecting the best tire shine can be rewarding to your auto detailing routine. Applying the best tire shine will not only protect your tires, it will provide a show quality shine that will last. Lane's offers the best tire on the market today! What makes Lane's Super Blue Tire Gloss the best selection for you? The answer is in the formula. Our formula is a highly concentrated silicone base that cannot be diluted with water

Fast Lane Mobile Wash & Detail, the parent company to Lane's Professional Car Products has over  20 years of auto detailing experience, We have detailed and shined thousands cars. If you are looking for a high shine and durable protection Lane's Super Blue is the right choice for you. 

Using Super Blue Tire Gloss is easy. Follow the steps to achieve a high shine and the ultimate protection for your tires.

Step 1 Wash tires to remove dirt and grime. Let the tires dry

Step 2 Spray Super Blue Tire Gloss in even strokes and allow time to dry