Removing Carpet Stains Made Easy with Lane's Dry Foam

Removing Carpet Stains Made Easy with Lane's Dry Foam

Posted by Lanes Car Products on 10th Jul 2015

Your car's interior should never be overlooked: it's incredibly important not just to the way it looks, but also to its feel and scent. Have you ever ridden as a passenger in a friend, relative, or colleague's car, only to find yourself overwhelmed by a bad odor? Have you found your sneakers crushing old stale potato chips or treading on countless hardened stains? If so, you'll know it's not a pleasant experience!

Whether you like to drive your car everyday – alone or with others – or you keep your vehicles as part of a static collection, keeping your interior in peak condition can make a huge difference to the overall experience. If people are sitting in your car as a passenger, they may become uncomfortable if your carpet and seats are filthy; likewise, if you're displaying your cars, anyone taking a look will notice if your interior leaves something to be desired – no matter how gorgeous the exterior is!

Never let yourself neglect, or forget about, the cleanliness of your carpet. At Lane's Professional Car Products, we have a great dry foam cleaning product that can help transform and revitalize your interior. It can also be used on your cloth seats, seatbelts, and headliners.

Easy to Use, with Lasting Results

Our Dry Foam Carpet Cleaner is a professional solution to keep your car's interior at its best. Unlike some cleaners, this requires no water to bring the cleaning agents to effect, and is easy to apply. Thanks to the trigger sprayer, this can simply be sprayed onto all surfaces demanding a clean; the dry foam starts to work immediately, and can easily be stored in your car for use on the road.

How does it work?

To start with, to achieve maximum satisfaction, vacuum the area you want to clean, and use our Pet Hair Stone on seats & carpets (this clumps hairs together for a quicker, easier removal). Next, spray Lane's Dry Foam directly onto your carpet and upholstery, before using a carpet brush or upholstery brush (depending on the surface in need of a clean) to rub the spray into the material. After this, you should use a dry towel to wipe treated areas (if pet hair or dirt remains, you might want to vacuum again if needed).

You can use the dry foam on your headliners by adding a couple ounces to a bucket of warm water; dampen a microfiber towel and wipe the headliners clean, before wiping off any excess with a dry towel.

A wide variety of choice

Our Lane's Dry Foam cleaner is available by itself, or in a number of sets, accompanied by a brush, or other auto detailing products (such as Concentrated Glass Cleaner and Wash & Shine). All of our prices are kept as competitive as possible, even on large kits, to allow car-enthusiasts buying on all budgets to get the products they need.

As we design and create all of our products ourselves, we're dedicated to making them the very best on the market (which is why we're popular with professional auto detailers and dealerships across the globe): whichever one you buy, you'll find it provides long-lasting, effective performance.

What if you're unsure exactly what you need? As we're passionate about our range and providing exceptional customer service, we're happy to provide all the information and guidance you need – both before and after your purchase. Please feel free to get in touch with us by phone, by email, or using our Live Chat feature – whatever it is, we're happy to help!