New Year's Resolutions for Your Car!

New Year's Resolutions for Your Car!

Posted by Lanes Car Products on 4th Jan 2016

1.  I won’t use some dried up old t-shirt with paint stains to wash my car. I will give my investment what it deserves, a Lane’s wash mitt .

2.  I will rid my car of pet hair and stop pretending it’s a fur coat built into my seats. Lane’s pet hair removal kit will make your interior like Fido was never there and Lane’s pet hair stone removes hair like magic.

3.  I will finally get rid of those disgusting old floor mats and replace them with a great looking new set from Lane’s!

4.  My neglected leather will get the cleaning and nourishment it deserves with Lane’s exclusive leather care and cleaning kits!

5.  I will finallyrid my car of that awful odor with one of Lane’s awesome car scents. What is that smell in there anyway? No more need to worry!

6.  I will be prepared for the worst with one of Lane’s awesome power inverters, giving me convenient and safe 110 volt power whenever I need it. Camping just got a lot more fun!

7.  I will upgrade my car’s looks and value with a great looking set of wheels from Lane’s! It’s almost like getting a new car!

8.  I will protect my investment with one of Lane’s awesome custom car covers. Who even needs a garage?

9.  I will give my car the buff it has so dearly needed with one of Lane’s auto polishers or buffers. With a fresh buff, I will have the best looking car in your neighborhood!

10.  I will make taking care of my car not matter what it needs because Lane’s Professional Car Products has it all! Happy New Year!