Lane's Car Care Supplies: Our Story

Lane's Car Care Supplies: Our Story

Posted by Lanes Car Products on 28th Mar 2015

Lane's Professional Car Care Supplies is an outgrowth of their parent company, Fast Lane Mobile Wash & Detail, LLC. Established by Lane Pietro more than twelve years ago, Fast Lane was designed to offer a car detail service for clients passionate about keeping their vehicles in top condition. Lane had always loved to wash and care for cars, fascinated by the process of making a vehicle all it can be – so decided to buy a van and launch his own mobile detailing business!

The Early Days

In just a short space of time, Lane found that car-enthusiasts just like him were amazed by his service and knowledge, as well as the products he used: these were not store-bought items, but his own. After using competitors' cleaning materials, he soon realized that his product line offered a more professional, longer-lasting finish than others – so much so that they allowed him to work faster than ever before without sacrificing performance.

Realizing he had goods other self-confessed car-fanatics would love to use for that home-made quality finish, Lane set about selling his own products (with help from an internet-savvy friend) – mainly wax, to begin with – on eBay. At the time, eBay was still establishing itself as a major online brand, yet within approximately one week, the car wax up for auction had sold. Though shipping needed some finishing touches, Lane's Professional Car Products was born!

At this time, Lane was working out of his home – by day, he'd service customers' cars in his detailing business, and by night, send out online orders for his products. This soon progressed, and Lane was not just selling goods to car-fanatics, but also to local dealerships.

Lane and his wife then quickly outgrew their current home – if the business was to keep operating and expanding, they would need to work out of a larger space.

Lane had two choices: either find a warehouse, or relocate to a bigger home.

A New Home for a New Approach

After much thought, Lane and his wife, Kim, decided a new, larger house was the best option!

Once set-up in this new working space, Lane acquired a second van to expand his detailing business, and eventually built a team of employees. Soon, the entire business was based around his home – the shipping and the vans all operated from this single property.

As eBay continued to grow and gain serious traction across the globe, Lane found that a new method of selling and communicating with customers was essential: people would call with questions, searching for information on the products before they bought – none of which was available on eBay. While car-fanatics were happy to bid on the auction site and wait several days for the process to end, Lane knew that a more streamlined facility was key.

Building the Site

So, Lane and his team created a website, which allowed them to offer customers a direct online store and information-point for their products. While websites were still somewhat basic back then, this was still a major step forward for the business: customers could now read more about the various products all in one space, without using eBay.

The middle man had been removed.

Since then, of course, Lane's Professional Car Products has continued to grow and grow. Today, the website offers customers a huge range of products to give their car the professional finish that made Lane's name, and they can learn more by reading blog posts, as well as search directly for the best products for their car by inputting their specific make and model.

With so many items now available, at such competitive prices, Lane has become a leading supplier of professional-grade detailing products – and he hopes to maintain this in years to come!

We'd like to thank all the customers who have helped us get to this point today!