How To Remove Pet Hair From Your Car

How To Remove Pet Hair From Your Car

Posted by Lane's Car Products on 26th Jan 2016

Animal lovers beware! Pets are a wonderful thing and sometimes the only companions we have. Unfortunately, they cannot tell us just how much hair they left behind after a nice ride in the car. Before you panic, Lane’s Professional Car Products will share a great secret for removing unwanted hair from your seats and carpets.

Removing unwanted pet hair can be achieved in three simple steps. Your car’s seats and carpets will look like new in no time. A couple of items are required to complete this task. First, you will need a vacuum. You do not need to buy an expensive one; however, I would recommend one with good suction. Second, you will need Pet Hair Stone.

Step 1. Vacuum your car and remove any large clumps of hair. During this step, the smaller hairs that get embedded in the carpet fibers and or cloth seats will remain. A good hand held vacuum to make your first pass at hair removal is the hand-held vacuum Vac N’ Blo 500 Series Model.

Step 2.Glide the pet hair stone over your carpets and seats in a vertical motion. This magical stone will pull the unwanted hair left behind that the vacuum did not get. You can control the unwanted hair by brushing it into a pile. Repeat this step until the remaining pet hair is removed from carpet and cloth seat area.

Step 3. Once all unwanted pet hair is in a pile, repeat the vacuum process. 

Now, you can enjoy a hair free car until the next time you take your fury little friend for another day out on the town!