How To Dry Windows Rvs & Cars With 18inch Water Blade Extension Pole

How To Dry Windows Rvs & Cars With 18inch Water Blade Extension Pole

Posted by Lane's Car Products on 18th Feb 2016

Hand washing your car, rv or truck can be time consuming but also rewarding. This allows you to locate any paint defects or scratches before they lead to bigger issues. Keeping your vehicle clean will maintain your clear coat and remove contaminants before they have time to become embedded in your paint's finish. 

Drying your car is the most important step people overlook. Think twice before you go and grab that nasty towel or chamois that has been stored away to dry your vehicle. Using a water blade is a better alternative and will cut your drying time in half. Do not overlook drying the windows or the top of your vehicle. Reaching the top of your vehicle can be difficult, but allowing water to dry can cause water spotting, eventually leading to paint blemishes.

The 18inch Water blade with the extendable pole is a perfect solution to all of your drying needs. Now, you can reach those hard to dry windows or top of your vehicle in mere seconds. Best of all, the silicone blade is safe for all finishes while eliminating paint scratching possibility. The features and benefits of this awesome drying tool are below. 

  • Patented Y-bar edge whisks away water.
  • Telescopic handle and adjustable adapter allow for drying of hard to reach areas.
  • Great for large trucks, campers, and RVs.
  • Soft medical grade silicone blade will not scratch.
  • 15-times less friction than terrycloth towels.
  • Leaves a spot-free dry finish.
  • Virtually eliminates drying towels and chamois.
  • Flexible silicone blade glides over and around chrome strips, sharp edges and grooves.