How To Clay Bar Your Car In Half The Time

How To Clay Bar Your Car In Half The Time

Posted by Lane's Car Products on 20th Mar 2016

Once, your car has thoroughly been washed and the top layer of dirt has been removed, the clay barring step will be safe and effective. This does take some time however, it will definitely add years of life to your paint and keep it free of any dirt particles that get embedded in your clear coat finish. There are different grades that clay bars come in. The most popular is the medium grade. Using a medium grade clay bar will remove those annoying bumps in the paint and smooth out the paint surface. For most cars a faster and more effective way to clay bar is using a clay pad. This method will prevent the chance of any contamination getting stuck in the clay that may cause damage to your clear coat. I will discuss the benefits of using a clay pad further in this article. 

How Often Should I Clay Bar My Car?

Most car fanatics clay bar their cars once every three months. This can vary depending on where you live or if your car is parked in a garage. You have to understand the clay barring method does in fact break down your clear coat. You do not want to be clay barring your car weekly or monthly. Even though, it can make your paint smooth, this step should be monitored and used only when contamination build up has penetrated the clear coat. Washing your car on a regular basis should prolong this step and keep your paint free of any debris.

Clay Pad Vs Clay Bar Which is Safer?

For the true car fanatic that likes the paint to be smooth and does not want the mess of the clay, the clay pad is a great solution. In fact, the clay pad will remove the paint contaminants safely, effectively leaving behind a smooth finish to the touch. For black cars that have those annoying swirl marks the clay pad will glide over your clear coat and make your paint look like glass. Every one has their own preference however, if you want to safe time and not worry about breaking your clear coat down the clay p[ad is the best solution for you.

The Steps To Using The Clay Pad Paint Rejuvenation System

Car Washed with Lane’s Car Wash Soap

After you have washed your vehicle with Lane’s car wash soap, you might notice contaminants that were not removed during the wash.

Apply Paint Rejuvenator

Step 1 – Apply the paint rejuvenator to the desired surface. You will also want to apply the paint rejuvenator to the Antee Web Wax Pad in order to activate the clay material.

Remove Contaminates using Antee Web Wax Pad

Step 2 – Now that you have applied the paint rejuvenator, you can glide the Antee Web Wax Pad across the surface you have sprayed.

Keep Paint Lubricated

You might need to apply additional paint rejuvenator to keep the surface lubricated so that the Antee Web Wax Pad glides smoothly.

Use Microfiber Towel to Dry Vehicle

Step 3 – Once you have completed these two steps, all that you need to do is wipe dry with a microfiber towel.