Car Care Products that won’t let you Down

Car Care Products that won’t let you Down

Posted by Lanes Car Products on 28th Mar 2015

As a car fanatic, you want your pride and joy to look its best inside and out. Keeping your stock of car care products topped up, with a wide range of items, is essential – going too long without giving your car the care and attention it needs can leave it looking out of condition.

Here at Lane's, we're dedicated to helping car-lovers just like you keep theirs as gorgeous as can be, no matter what – we create only the very vest products to make car care easy, cost-effective, and reliable. So, in this post, we're going to take a look at a few care products you need to add to your stock, for external and internal treatments!

External Care

There's no question: you want people to know you care. Your car means too much to you to leave it dirty, stained, and weathered – you want to attract stares for the right reasons.

Our range of car polishes, waxes, and scratch removers are all designed to help you treat your car in a safe, user-friendly way. All of these are vital to keep your car's bodywork in kissable condition, but if you polish & wax too often, you could cause damage to the paint. Our range includes various waxes, such as Cherry Wet, Gold, and Carnauba, with such polishes as Ultimate Glaze (for an unbeatable glow) and Renewit.

Waxing your entire car ensures it stays looking clean, with that irresistible shine, and – provided you do a good enough job – you should only have to do it around every three months (don't worry – if your car's exposed to harsh weather conditions on a regular basis, you may want to do it more often). Make sure you wash and dry your car before waxing.

Polishing your car is essential for removing rust (or oxidization), to get rid of any small scratches, and to keep the bodywork clear of any contaminants. You can polish your car whenever you spot anything that needs taking care of – if you catch scratches in time, you can stop them causing any more rust damage; you should only wax your car after polishing, as certain polishes can strip wax away, leaving it more exposed to wear and tear. Lane's car waxes and polishes are formulated for professional performance and quality, so you can always rest assured your car will receive the best wax and polish.

Internal Care

Have you ever seen a car that looks stunning on the outside, but is a mess inside? Litter, crumbs, rotten food, empty cans and bottles? You have to wonder how someone can pay attention to the outside of their car, but be so slobbish while at the wheel.

Our range of internal car care products include air fresheners, glass cleaners, and various items to keep your carpet & fabrics looking their best. While you might think your car's external appearance is the most important thing, you need to remember that the interior is also reflective of yourself – you want to make sure the entire vehicle reflects the time and passion you put into it.

Of course, there are also hygienic benefits to keeping your interior as clean and fresh as possible – treading your dirty shoes or sneakers onto the carpet, and dropping crumbs from food packaging, can encourage bacteria and bad odours – use a cleaner or protector on a regular basis. You should also vacuum whenever you get the chance, and ensure the wheel and stick (if you drive manual) are free of residue or mess – you want no distractions as you drive.

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