Best Tire Shine - Long Lasting Shine Durable Protection By Lane's

Best Tire Shine - Long Lasting Shine Durable Protection By Lane's

Posted by Lane's Car Products on 7th Mar 2016

There are many different tire shines on the market today. However, finding a good one can be tough. To achieve a high shine comes down to the concentration of silicone, a key ingredient that makes up the product. Silicone is expensive and some manufactures choose to cut cost and limit the concentration of this ingredient. The end result will be a tire shine that will run and cause a tire to not be fully protected and shiny.

Lane's Super Blue Tire Gloss is a high concentrate of silicone and will not run when applied to the tire. You will have days of protection and a shine that will amaze even the true car fanatics.Below are a list of benefits for using Lane's Super Blue Tire Shine.

Benefits Of Super Blue Tire Shine

  • High Shine High Gloss
  • Streak Free Sling Free Tire Dressing
  • Keeps Tires Looking New – Wont Turn Tires Brown
  • Withstands Rain And Weather
  • Silicone Dressing

Trigger Sprayer included with 16 oz and 32 oz sizes. Lane’s Super Blue Tire Shine has a high gloss shine used by professional detailers and auto dealerships on a daily basis. Now you can prevent cracking and discoloration of your tires with this professional tire shine. Individuals that use Lane’s Super Blue Tire Shine on a regular basis often find that it holds up for weeks in even the most extreme weather conditions. Protecting your tires has never been easier, simply mist on and walk away. Grab a bottle of Lane’s Super Blue Tire Gloss today, you’ll be glad you did!

Instructions for dressing your tires:

Cleaning TiresStep 1 – Make sure that the tires are completely dry after using Lane’s Black & White Tire Cleaner.

Tire ShineStep 2 – Now you are ready to apply Lane’s Super Blue Tire Gloss using even strokes with the provided trigger sprayer.

Shined Tire vs. Unshined TireStep 3 – If you prefer, you can use tire dressing applicators to even out the tire shine.
As you apply Lane’s Super Blue Tire Shine, you will notice a dramatic difference in the look of your tires.

Shiny TireNow that you have fully dressed your tires with Lane’s professional tire shine, you can walk away knowing you have taken the proper steps that will go a long way to increase the life of your tires.