Best Car Detailing Soap and Wax Products to Start a Mobile Auto Detail Business | Lane's Car Products

Posted by Lane's Car Products on 7th Mar 2023

Best Car Detailing Soap and Wax Products to Start a Mobile Auto Detail Business | Lane's Car Products

Are you an avid car enthusiast excited to turn your love of cars into a business? Do you want to take your skills on the road and launch a mobile auto detailing business but don’t know where to start? You’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we’ll go over all of the essential products and tools needed for starting up a successful mobile auto detail service. From sponges and brushes, degreasers and waxes, mitts and polishes – we’ve got it all. No matter what type of vehicles you're cleaning or how experienced you are as an auto detailer, our list of best car detailing products will ensure that your customers (and their cars!) keep coming back for more sparkle!

The Right Car Soap To Wow Your Customers with a just waxed look.

Washing your car can be a daunting task - if you don't have the best soap, you may end up with unsightly streaks and a dull looking finish! Not to mention, using cheap car soaps can damage your car's paint job. The best way to get that showroom-like shine is with professional grade car soap like Lane's Wash & Shine. Unlike other soaps on the market, Lane's contains both soap and wax for maximum protection, as well as maximum shine! Your car will not only look good but feel great too: Lane's concentrated formula means it takes less product and less water, leaving your vehicle streak free and clean in no time at all. Finally achieve the perfect shine with the best car soap on the market - Lane's Wash & Shine!

Wax Glaze & Remove swirl marks with One Easy Step

If you want to give your car customers the highest shine possible, car wax is essential. But if you’re looking for a product that will do it all – giving professional results and eliminating those annoying swirl marks – then you need Lane’s Triple Play car wax glaze. It provides an even deeper shine than car wax alone, and its easy to apply as well as remove. Ensure that your customers return again and again by providing them with the best car care they can get with Lane's Triple Play car wax glaze!

Washing & Waxing a Car Easy with Lane’s

Washing and waxing your car can be an easy task with the right products from a trusted source. Lane's has created a lineup of professional products to make sure your car is completely taken care of after every wash and wax. From waxing your daily driver to keeping your show car in perfect condition, they have all the best car detailing products that you need. Whether you're just starting up a mobile detail business or simply looking to give extra protection and shine to a beloved vehicle, you can trust their selection of waxes and soaps for the job