Achieve Extra Glossy Tires - The Best Tire Shine Spray to Impress | Lane's Car Products

Posted by Lane's Car Products on 13th Jan 2023

Achieve Extra Glossy Tires - The Best Tire Shine Spray to Impress | Lane's Car Products

Are you a car fanatic looking to make your tires shine like never before? Does regular cleaning and shiny just not cut it anymore? Well, let's take your tire game up a notch with some extra glossy results. We're talking about taking the shine of your tires to the max, thereby enhancing their attractiveness and prolonging their lifespan too! With the right detailing techniques in place - from precise cleaning methods to specific products - you can make those tired old tires sheen again! Let us show you how.

Clean Tires Will Increase Glossy Look

Achieving a glossy tire starts with the tire cleaning process. All you need is tire cleanertire brush, and a hose nozzle and you'll have that glossy finish in no time. From tire cleaner to tire brush, it's important to use the right tools when cleaning those sleek tires. Begin by spraying tire cleaner on the tire walls in an even motion with a tire brush rotating around them. The tire brush will rid the tire of any grime or dirt for a spotless finish. Lastly, turn on that hose nozzle at low to medium pressure to make sure all dirt is blasted away. Your tires will be looking gleaming in no time!


When it comes to giving your tire an attractive, glossy sheen, tire shine spray is the perfect solution. Tire shine is a liquid cleaner and dressing that works on all kinds of tires, natural and synthetic. After washing and drying the tire thoroughly, a light coating of the spray is evenly applied over the outer wall. It provides a protective barrier that helps reduce dirt accumulation while creating a high gloss shine that will last for weeks. Even in areas with harsh weather conditions and extreme temperatures, the tire shine spray can help maintain the appearance of your tires without compromising the life expectancy. With just one application, you are well on your way to getting a durable and glossy finish for your car's tires!