Lane's Ultimate Interior Package | Dry Foam, Interior Shine, Concentrated Glass Cleaner, New Car Scent

Posted by Lane's Car Products on 7th Jun 2023

 Lane's Ultimate Interior Package | Dry Foam, Interior Shine, Concentrated Glass Cleaner, New Car Scent

Lane's Ultimate Interior Package Item K-1006

Tired of struggling to get those stubborn water spots, oily film, and lingering cigarette smoke off your car windows? Lanes Concentrated Glass Cleaner!

This bad boy is formulated to do the jobs other glass cleaners can't handle, and boy does it pack a punch. Use indoors or out, it doesn't matter, because this glass cleaner will knock out streaks and leave your windows crystal clear. And let me tell you, there's nothing quite as satisfying as staring out at the world through perfectly cleaned glass. So go ahead, give Lane's Concentrated Glass Cleaner a try and prepare to be amazed (and a little bit jealous of your own reflection).

Don't let your car's interior be a snooze fest, give it some shine with Lane's Interior Shine!

Not only will your leather, vinyl, and trim be protected, but they'll be brought back to life like they just got back from a wild vacation. And get this - it even leaves behind a pleasant scent, like a tropical breeze just blew through your car. No wonder this stuff is a favorite of professional auto detailers and dealerships, they're using it to give cars a whole new personality. Who knows, after using Lane's Interior Shine, your car might even start telling jokes. Don't say we didn't warn you.

From dusty carpets to syrup stains on the couch, Lane's Dry Foam will have you saying goodbye to all those pesky messes.

Tackling those tough stains will be a breeze with this high foam concentrate. And let's not forget about that fresh clean aroma - forget about those days of trying to mask the scent of old pet odors or last night's onion rings. With Dry Foam, you'll have your house smelling so good that you might just forget to leave (just kidding, please don't forget to leave). So what are you waiting for? Try out Lane's Dry Foam and experience the wonders of clean carpets and upholstery.

Picture this: you're cruising down the street, feeling fly in your freshly washed ride. But there's just one problem - that weird smell coming from somewhere in your car.

With Lane's New Car Scent, your car will always smell as good as it looks. This scent is the real deal, it's like driving around in a brand new car without that pesky car payment! It's so effective that you might start having flashbacks to the day you drove that new car off the lot. Say goodbye to all those unwanted odors and hello to the sweet, sweet fragrance of success, or in this case, New Car Scent.