12V Koolatron Kargo Kooler Model P65

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12V Koolatron Kargo Kooler Model P65

The Koolatron P-65 Kargo Kooler solves an age-old problem of motorized travel. Have you ever noticed that when you pack a lot of luggage into your vehicle, the Koolatron Kargo cooler always gets placed at the bottom of the pile? Have you ever noticed this phenomenon just as you were starting to get really hungry? Koolatron's P65 Kargo Kooler has now come up with an innovative solution. The 33 quart Koolatron P65 Kargo Cooler has a split lid/door, with a 12 volt cooling system in only one of its lids. You can pack baggage around it tightly, and still be able to get at your food without unloading the whole trunk.

Advantages of Koolatron P65 Kargo cooler:

  • Lets you open the cooler when it's tightly packed amongst luggage.
  • Use it like a chest or like a fridge.
  • Plugs into a vehicle's cigarette lighter.

Benefits of Kargo cooler:

  • It's great for people with limited space in their vehicle.
  • You have flexibility when you're packing your car.
  • The perfect cooler to take on the road.

What makes the Koolatorn P-65 Kargo cooler special?

Koolatron P-65 Kargo Cooler plugs into a 12-volt DC power supply (the type provided by your vehicle’s cigarette lighter).

Koolatron P-65 Kargo Cooler has a thermoelectric module that cools its contents to 40°F below the outside temperature.

If you want your food to stay warm—to keep soft drinks from freezing, for instance—the Koolatron P-65 Kargo Cooler can also act as a warmer.