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Oil Based Air Freshener

Keep Your Auto Smelling Fresh With Oil Based Scents

If you are serious about keeping your car smelling fresh, than turn to oil based air fresheners. Our oil based scents offer unique flavors such as the fresh smell of clean cotton or the sweeter smell of mulberry. You can even time travel to the islands with our island air scent or cover up that smoky smell with midnight mist. With one squirt these amazing scents will attack and kill bad odor and rid your car of stale smells that emerge from seats, carpets and headliners for good. Guaranteed! If you want to impress your passengers by making your new or used car smell wonderful, oil air fresheners are the way to go!

Before using any of the air fresheners, it is important to make sure your auto is clean allowing for maximum results. You can ensure your car is ready to be scented by cleaning your upholstery (headliners, carpets, seats) with dry foam, your leather surfaces with leather cleaner and virtually everything else (plastic, moldings, control panel, and dashboard) with power clean.

The Right Oil Scent For Your Car

It a proven fact that everyone loves a fresh smelling ride. Lane's oil scents will do just that. For instance, let's say you have leather in your car and you want that New Car Leather smell, we have just the product for you. Get rid of the musty smell in your carpets with Lane's Clean Cotton. With one tap of the trigger, your car's interior will have that desired leather smell. Best of all, no need to reapply every day, because it lasts!

Where Can I Use Oil Based Scents

The best place to use oil based scents is everywhere you desire to have that fresh smell. Lane's oil based scents are not restricted to autos. You can use the scent in your house, boat, garage or in any desired area that you want to change the air from stale to fresh instantly. Oil based scents are the easiest product to use just one squirt and you will smell the difference.

Have a oil air freshener in mind, we can help. Call today and get the right oil scent to keep your car smelling fresh. Not sold in stores. Exclusive oil based scents from Lane's. In stock and ready to ship. Call Toll Free 866-798-9011!