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Citrus Tar Remover

Citrus Tar Remover
Citrus Tar RemoverCitrus Tar RemoverCitrus Tar Remover
Citrus Tar RemoverCitrus Tar Remover
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  • Removes Tar & Tree Sap

  • Clear Coat Safe

  • Heavily Concentrated

  • Prevents Scratches When Removing Contaminants

  • Used By Auto Detailers
  • Protecting your paint requires removing harmful contaminants such as road tar and tree sap which left untouched will damage your clear coat finish. This is a common problem in spring and summer months as the weather warms and melts these contaminants into your paint.

    If you are like people your first instinct is to scrub tar and tree sap with a brush causing minor surface scratches and paint chips. Avoid this mistake by using a solvent to break down the contaminants thereby allowing the removal of tar safely and effectively.

    The tar removing process is easy with Lane’s Citrus Tar Remover as this cleaner is safe for all painted surfaces. To use squeeze citrus tar remover on a clean micro fiber towel and rub tar in a back and forth motion until tar is removed. These same steps will apply to tree sap removal. After removing tar and sap wash your car using Lane’s car wash soap. In stock and ready to ship today.

    Instructions for Citrus Degreaser:

    Remove Tar from Paint

    Lane’s Citrus Degreaser and Tar Remover excels in removing contaminants on your vehicle that remain after a thorough wash.

    Apply Citrus Degreaser and Tar Remover

    Step 1 – Apply Lane’s Citrus Degreaser and Tar Remover to a Microfiber Towel or Bug and Tar Remover Sponge or Towel for tougher spots.

    Agitate Contaminant with Degreaser

    Step 2 – Lightly agitate the affected area.

    Wipe Clean with Microfiber Towel

    Step 3 – Wipe clean with a microfiber towel.

    Clean Paint

    You will now see that the tar or grime has been removed.

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