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Carpet Extractors & Steamers

Using Mytee carpet extractors has enabled Fast Lane Mobile Wash & Detail, the parent company of Lane's Car Products, to achieve high-quality professional results in half the time. From a business standpoint, it makes sense to use the heated Mytee carpet cleaning machines. Unlike our competitors that are selling low quality units, we use the Mytee carpet extractors to achieve high-end carpet cleaning. Mytee Products, Inc. is one of the premier manufacturers of professional carpet cleaning equipment in the world. Mytee Products, Inc. has always been known for their innovation and reasonable prices. With their range of Professional Carpet Cleaning and Automotive Detailing equipment, Mytee has a complete line of products to meet the needs of carpet cleaning professionals worldwide.

Lane's Car Products is offering Mytee's full line of heated carpet steam cleaners and accessories for big and small jobs. Here at Lane's you will find the Mytee Lite II which has a 3 gallon capacity; the Mytee HP60 Spyder which has a 6 gallon capacity; the Mytee Kodiak which has a 9 gallon capacity; the Mytee Grand Prix II HP100 which has a 11 gallon capacity; the Mytee Speedster which has a 12 gallon capacity; and the Mytee M-Series which has a 15 gallon capacity, and last but not least the Speedster Deluxe Prep Center, which is a whole pit crew in one unit. The next time you set out to buy a carpet cleaning machine think Mytee.

We offer vacuum motors, in-line heaters, parts and accessories for Mytee units. Please call us toll free at 1-866-798-9011 for additional information.

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